Our firm offers a wide range of quality planting material.
Every year we grow about 300 thousand saplings of different variety rootstock combinations of Apple, cherry, cherry, plum.
The farm has a nursery of virus-free rootstock for Apple trees M9 (T-337), ММ106 liquor, liquor of quince, Quince,
fallopian stick plots with vegetative propagated rootstocks for stone fruit crops of AP-1, the best,
Friendship, VSL-2, Gisela 5, Gisela 12, Uniselect, VVA-1.

The company can also offer planting material grown on seed rootstocks – seedling plums, seedling pear,
zherdeli seedling, seedling antipka. Range of Apple cultivar rootstock combinations are quite varied.
We can offer the seedlings the best domestic and foreign varieties of pome and stone fruit crops.

Planting material is grown using drip irrigation.
Implemented party accompanied by certificates of conformity and quarantine certificates.
Having sufficient practical experience in nursery, we strive to implement modern approaches to the formation of
crown seedlings, laying in them the ability to bring into fruition already for 1-2 years after planting in the garden.

Our activities are aimed at establishing long-term mutually beneficial relationships
with partners based on integrity, professionalism, respect and trust.